The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Dating

The truth is finding something close to real advice is hard. Finding the best relationship is also hard. On all honesty is that relationship advice is everywhere, from friends and family, the internet and in magazines. But the truth is just cause you get advice from people out here it is not all worth for the taking. Even when people desire the best for you they still don’t know what really is going on in your life. 
Friends and family can really have the best kind of advice, but understanding the limit to where you need it. Where you basically understand that every situation is unique and basically whatever may work for others might not work for you. This means that the relationship situation might go in different ways in terms of outcome, so don’t assume things or the outcome. 
With bad relationship advice being funny at times, it can as well cause a lot of damage when the situation is, however, a new experience for you or if your vulnerable. When basically it’s a natural thing to trust people and what they say. Moreover when they seem more experienced or certain about what they say it is really an important factor to think through what you hear and think of whether it makes sense. The most important thing is to see things through your eyes. Taking advice from people who really want the best for you, though not necessarily acting upon it. Remember your situation will always be only yours. 
With terrible relationship advice out here, here are some remind you to always trust your instincts. 
1.Taking time before replying to the text. 
Basically, everyone’s thought about this whole idea is taking time before getting to reply. Its the act of seeming not too available. 
2. Things get to happen when you least expect them. 
The whole theory about waiting for love to come to you when you least expect it is a big lie. It is not a magical feeling that comes to you out of nowhere. It’s something that has to be built with a foundation that includes effort, connection and as well as dedication. Even when meeting someone it’s not expected that both people are to fall in love in a set duration of time. 
3. Maturity comes with age. 
The fact that with age comes maturity is really a childish idea. People tend to act or react differently with age. This determining a sense of whether one is mature or not. 
4. Acting like you don’t care. 
This is one of the most repeated advice to go for with people who give advice. Where if one acts in such a way you may seem not pathetic while chasing the person you want. 
5. Being yourself. 
While the act might be an honest act. It’s not really the best encouragement or trying to be your best while dating. Acting on the bases of what you want to be perceived and your true self might harm the relationship and destroy a chance of having a long-term part of it. The fact being your act won’t be there for long. The true self will come out and they would eventually get to know the real you. Which is opposed by the fact that you went to this person to accept and love you for who you are not the pretense. 
6. Lying on your online profile in dating sites being okay. 
The truth is its real garbage with the fact that at the end of the day you will have to justify yourself for lying, by saying people do such things which is a failure. This will question everything about one’s self. When things come to question. 
9. Felling butterflies when you meet the right person. 
This is one of the worst dating advice heard. You’ll know that it’s him/her because you’ll feel butterflies in your tummy. This is basically a feeling of lust that is opposed to love. 
10. Playing hard to get. 
Its an act of wasting precious time. It’s really a simple act of telling the person whether your interested in them or not. Don’t play games that would ruin a good time. It’s as simple as being honest. 
11. You have to feel a spark. 
The ideology that it’s a mandatory factor to have a spark is literally hilarious to the fact that it is actually the worst advice ever. This is because it’s nowhere close to the truth. You may be on a different level in time because there is more than just an emotional connection where one may be tuned to either a mental or even spiritual connection.

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